Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bayh's Best Asset: He's Evan Bayh

Evan Bayh
It’s not been a particularly good week for Evan Bayh.

The former Indiana Senator and Governor has come under scrutiny for his residency, his after Senate careers and even some of the boards he has sat on.

Still, even after all the hits, a Monmouth poll conducted last week shows that Bayh has a sizeable seven-point lead in this race, but it’s not the huge lead early polls showed Bayh enjoying over Congressman Todd Young. Though it should be pointed out that it's just one poll and some Democrats questioned the sampling.

It's been weeks now that Young and those backing him have been using negative ads against Bayh.  It's a questionable tactic given that Bayh is probably the most well-known Indiana politician of our lifetime.  Still, it hasn't stopped the R's from accusing Bayh of borderline criminal behavior to being the deciding vote for controversial legislation like Obamacare.

Listen, I've been pretty vocal on this blog about Evan Bayh and my dislike for some of his political stances.  I stand by that criticism.  I think Bayh tends to be too poll-driven and too far to my right on some issues.  In other words, I think Bayh is a conservative.  To accuse him of some of the things Todd Young and his buddies are accusing him of, however, is ridiculous.

Fact of the matter is that conservatism wins elections in Indiana, and Evan Bayh has done that for 30 years.  He's not going to change his political stripes now, and that's actually his best asset.  It's what he's done for 30 years in Indiana politics. As the old song goes, "If You Don't Know Me By Now...You Will Never Never Never Know Me."

And, by the way, Evan Bayh no more cast the deciding vote for Obamacare than I did to make Indiana blue in 2008.

Bayh is doing exactly what Bayh has done in campaigns for years.  He has a brand, and he's selling it, for better or worse.  Bayh continues to air ads directly opposite of the Republican attack machine spots against him. If I were him, I’d unleash his greatest asset: the fact that he’s Evan Bayh, perhaps the most successful politician in modern Indiana politics.

So, here’s a script of an ad I’d film and run as soon as I can get it on the air. I think it shows a little humanity and humility but conveys the message he has been wanting to get across well.  Now, I haven't timed it...looks a little long for a 30 or 60.

Now, Evan, get dressed in your best blue shirt and khakis and find a nice wheat field along U.S. 41 between Terre Haute and Vincennes and let's close the argument.
“There’s nothing like being a Hoosier. From watching my dad in the Senate to my own incredibly fortunate time in public service, Indiana has always been where my heart is. Through my time as Governor and my two terms in the United States Senate, I’ve fought for Hoosiers and I want to bring Hoosier common sense back to Washington. Even when you and I have disagreed, you’ve continued to support me and, along the way, have made my dreams and the dreams of my family come true. Thank you for your trust. It’s for that reason that I want to continue to serve Hoosiers as your U.S. Senator. It’s time to stop the partisanship and bickering and get things done. I’m Evan Bayh, and I approve this message.”
No charge as always for the political advice.


Anonymous said...


The only time Evan Bayh ever casts any votes against his party is when his votes are irrelevant. If he hadn't voted for cloture Obamacare would never have passed. He also voted against the Laci Peterson Act, in favor of Partial Birth Abortion, against the confirmations of Condelezza Rice and Samuel Alito. That's a conservative voting record! There's also the fact of his and his wife's membership on several corporate boards, many of which benefited from votes he cast while in the Senate!

Anonymous said...

Evan hasn't lived in this state for years!