Friday, July 1, 2016

Trump Selecting Him as VEEP Nominee Could Be Good for Pence

Governor Mike Pence
Donald Trump could save Mike Pence from himself, at least temporarily.

Speculation among those in the know claims that Trump, for whatever reason, is considering Governor Pence for the Vice Presidential slot.  Trump isn't likely to pick Pence, but, if he does, it could change the Indiana Governor's race.

Right now, it's a head-to-head battle between Pence and Democratic nominee John Gregg with Rex Bell representing the Libertarians.  If Pence stepped out of the race to run for Vice President, as he would be required to do under Indiana Code, Republican Party Chairman Jeff Cardwell would get to select Pence's replacement since it is after June 30.

So, let's have some fun.  Let's say Lying Crooked Donald picks Pence.  Who would Cardwell pick to fill the ballot vacancy?

Eric Holcomb would be the obvious candidate.  Holcomb has been a loyal soldier so many times, and this would give him a chance to seek the top office in the state's executive branch.  I'd say he would be the favorite.

Another Republican possibility would be former Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman.  The former legislator had ambition to succeed her former boss, Mitch Daniels, but she stepped aside citing health concerns allowing Mike Pence to easily claim the GOP nomination in 2012.

Yet another possibility might be former Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard.  Cardwell served on the City-County Council before he joined the Pence Administration.  Now, he's a business owner and party chair.  He worked with Ballard to make the "Gateway South" corridor a reality.

Former Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann is the current President of Ivy Tech and has just a month on the job, but, depending on her ambition, she might be interested in running for Governor.

Richard Mourd...oh nevermind, even Jeff Cardwell isn't that crazy.

Whoever it is would have a battle with John Gregg to fight for possibly statewide name recognition and would have to raise funds in a hurry.

As for Pence, he would get to avoid a possible loss to Gregg.  Of course, most of the polling currently shows that Donald Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton nationally.  He could be dooming himself to four years with nothing to do.  All of this is putting the cart way before the horse.  Trump, again, isn't likely choosing Pence to complete his ticket.

It's fun to speculate about on a summer afternoon.

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz said on Facebook this morning that the GOP can only fill the ballot vacancy if it happens by 7/14.  That is unless Pence moves or well, we won't talk about the other reason.

Also, I left a really big fish out of my possible replacement pond.  He's perhaps the biggest fish of them all.  Mitchell E. Daniels.


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