Thursday, July 21, 2016

Taking Stock of Indiana's Gubernatorial Race

Indiana Governor's Office
The Indy Star's Matt Tully is in Cleveland, and he says he's been talking to some of the 22 people that will make the decision as to who will receive the Republican nomination for Governor of Indiana.

Those 22 folks are the Indiana GOP Central Committee, and they have four candidates to choose from when they meet back here in Indy on Tuesday.  The vote will be by secret ballot.

Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb, U.S. Representatives Susan Brooks and Todd Rokita, and State Senator Jim Tomes are the four names in the hat.

According to Tully's reading of the situation, Brooks is the frontrunner followed very closely by Holcomb.  Rokita and Tomes are the also-rans.

His reading is very close to mine.  I flip Brooks and Holcomb, but I think one of those top two will be the nominee, and I think it will be close.

I've heard that Holcomb enters that meeting with nine solid votes.  One of those votes is Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel.  The Times of Northwest Indiana's Dan Carden noticed this tweet by Noel.

So, that's one solid vote for Holcomb if you're counting votes.  We'll see how this one breaks down over the next few days.

Tully cautioned...

As far as John Gregg's campaign goes, he's still up on the air with ads and is moving forward.  He rolled out his education plan in this spot.

By the way, I'll post my final thoughts about the Republican National Convention on Friday.

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