Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pence's Quick Exit Leaves Replacement Scrambling to Catch Gregg

John Gregg
Listen, I don’t know how the Governor’s race is going to play out from here, but I know this. Mike Pence did his ballot successor, Eric Holcomb, no favors by taking the golden parachute out of a tight reelection campaign to join the Donald Trump campaign as his Vice Presidential nominee.

The Indy Star has reported that the financial backing Pence promised for Holcomb may not be so easily acquired leaving him with a fraction of the money John Gregg has raised. Gregg has over $5 million to spend. The Star puts Holcomb’s total at about $20,000.

Now, Holcomb will raise money, there is no doubt. Depending on if the Republican Governors’ Association decides to jump in whole hog on this race again, he could benefit from their resources. The fact of the matter is that polling Susan Brooks did showed Holcomb trailing Gregg. 

It’s even more of a reason why right now John Gregg needs to flood the airwaves with his ads. He needs to exploit his beneficial financial advantage because, frankly, it doesn’t happen to Democrats not named Evan Bayh very often in Indiana. 
Eric Holcomb

If I were Gregg, I’d keep it positive, but I’d keep hitting the message that his campaign is about substance and that he has a plan for Indiana’s future. I’d also keep hitting the campaign trail with the message that he’s wanted to serve as Governor since he entered this race and that he doesn’t just want to be the Governor of Indiana to step his way to another office.

Once Holcomb gets money, because we all know he will (someone will write him a big check), I still think this race will become competitive. Problem for Holcomb is that this is going to be a grind for a while. Pence left the state in a hurry it seems. Many of those staffers that would have been in place went with Pence on his national VEEP campaign.

The good news for the GOP is that the Indiana Republican Party is very well organized, and Eric Holcomb knows it from the inside. He knows exactly who to go to after having served as the party’s chairman. In that way, it’s an advantage for him.

Gregg has the wind at his back right now thanks to Governor Pence’s exit. Seems as if he’s doing his best not to squander the opportunity.

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