Thursday, July 14, 2016

Trump Selects Pence: Pence Polarizing in Indiana, but I Wish Him Well

 So, Mike Pence is the man to fill Donald Trump’s running mate role.
That’s apparently the word from media sources today across Indiana and the United States. An official announcement was expected tomorrow in New York City, but the horrible events in Nice, France have changed that.

I honestly didn’t believe Trump would select Pence, a political lightweight with dubious negatives, but that’s Trump for you. He’s made a mockery out of the Presidential election process so far, why stop now?

Trump selects a man who has polarized Indiana. Mike Pence is now Donald Trump’s problem, and Indiana is glad to be rid of him.

On the other hand, if there ever was anyone groomed to be Vice Presidential in the old sense of the word, it’s Mike Pence. After all, Pence’s Congressional record is lighter than a cottonwood seed floating on a summer breeze. He looks nice and sounds good but is transparent and says next to nothing. Pence adds nothing to the ticket for Trump except for perhaps shoring up his support among evangelicals.

While some see Pence as a safe choice for Trump, I think it’s really just a sad choice when you look deeper, and the press will vet him and see what a poor choice this has been.

All of that said, I guess I should congratulate Governor Pence for putting Indiana on the front page of the newspaper for this news cycle. This is an opportunity for him to show a different side of the Hoosier State and perhaps an opportunity to show a Mike Pence that we have never seen.

Since we are all represented by the Governor of Indiana, I just ask Pence not to embarrass us any more than he has in the past. It is an honor to be selected no matter who puts you on that ticket. While I do not support Governor Pence, I wish him well despite our disagreements.

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