Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Many Hoosiers See Pence Differently Than National Media Narrative

Gov. Mike Pence
Who is this Mike Pence some pundits in the national media are talking about?

As Donald Trump determines who will sink beside him on his campaign ship in November, the national media talking heads are abuzz about how Mike Pence is a popular communicator with strong legislative and executive experience that can deliver the Midwest for Trump.

This is far from an honest look at where the Governor stands unless he's someone we aren't seeing.  It can't be the same Mike Pence that we've come to know in Indiana, can it?

Can it be the Mike Pence who, despite having a reasonably good economic situation to run on, finds himself at less than 50 percent in the polls and languishing behind Democrat John Gregg in fundraising?

Can it be the same Mike Pence who, in a very red state, needed a bailout from the Republican Governors Association?

Can it be the same Mike Pence who has made enemies of many Hoosier women, many Hoosier teachers and LGBTQ+ Hoosiers?

Can it be the same Mike Pence who couldn't stand up to simple yes or no questions on This Week with George Stephanopolous?

Certainly, these "experts" have not studied or looked at the 2016 Gubernatorial race at all in this state.  If they had, they would likely be telling the nation the truth.

That truth is that many here in Indiana would LOVE to see Donald Trump select Pence to be his running mate.  That would get him out of Indiana!  Furthermore, Pence not repudiating Trump and showing a willingness to be on his ticket could work against the Governor and in Gregg's favor in November should the GOP nominee select another candidate other than Pence to be his number two.

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