Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Laws Make It Way Too Easy for Rokita, Brooks to Pursue Gubernatorial Nod

I have a beef.

It's way too easy for Susan Brooks and Todd Rokita to get back on the ballot if their runs for the Republican nomination for Governor are unsuccessful.

The Indianapolis Star reported yesterday that Brooks and Rokita simply need the vote of precinct committee persons in their districts to rejoin the ballot.  Both have expressed their willingness to return to the ballot if they lose the GOP State Central Committee vote on July 26 for the gubernatorial nomination replacing Mike Pence.

There are candidates interested in the seat, but the Star reports that most are only interested if Rokita and Brooks stay out.  

Brooks has a Democratic opponent that could make some headway out of this decision.  Dr. Angela Demaree can take some heart in this situation because it gives her a line of attack against Brooks in a district that was won by Senator Joe Donnelly in 2012.  Still, the district is drawn to be heavily Republican as it rates a +11 on the Cook Political Report's ratings in favor of Brooks and the GOP.

While John Dale is giving it his all in the 4th Congressional District, the Cook Political Report rating on the 4th is a +13 for the Republican.  Rokita is likely safe in his seat even if he would, let's say, reduce the eligibility for kids to get free school lunch.  Wait...he did that?

My beef is with the laws that allow these candidates to simply drop out of their races and jump back in if they lose.  They should have to sit out this time around if they drop out.

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