Friday, July 8, 2016

Hill Begins Walk Across Indiana on Monday

Baron Hill
On Monday, Baron Hill will start a journey he's done before...a walk across the state of Indiana.

The Democratic candidate for Senate will begin a 500-mile trek from South Bend on Monday and will, over the course of the next month, walk 10-12 miles until he reaches the Ohio River in Evansville.  Along the way, he's going to meet and talk to Hoosiers in many different communities.

Hill, a former Congressman, is going to face Republican nominee, Congressman Todd Young.  So far, Young has been taking it easy on the campaign trail frankly not doing much.  Young's campaign derisively calls Hill's attempt to talk to voters a publicity stunt, but this is a journey that Hill has made before.  In 1990, Hill ran for U.S. Senate losing by just seven percentage points to incumbent Dan Coats.

In his Congressional campaigns, Hill also made it a point to walk his district and make lots of voter contact.

The Indiana Senate race is rated by most experts as one that the Republicans have the upper hand in, but the uncertainty at the top of the ticket has given Democrats hope that they can pick up some of the offices further down the ballot.  With Donald Trump as the Republican leading the ticket on that side, anything is certainly possible.

Rather than flippantly writing off Hill's walk as a stunt, Young might be well-served to copy the Democratic nominee. After all, he's not so well known outside of Southern Indiana.  Hill can make this a more than competitive race.  If Joe Donnelly can win and Glenda Ritz can win, then an experienced man like Baron Hill certainly can s well.

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