Friday, July 15, 2016

Gregg's Strong Campaign Merely Needs to Pivot with Pence Moving On

John Gregg
Well, Mike Pence is gone.

Thanks to Donald Trump, the Governor of Indiana is the next nominee for Vice President of the United States for the Republican Party.  This changes EVERYTHING in the 2016 Governor's race in our state.

The Republicans will duke it out to see who replaces Pence on the ballot, and it's not going to be simple.

Four Three big name Republicans have reportedly stepped forward or will step forward to replace Pence.  They include Indiana Speaker of the House Brian Bosma, Congresswoman Susan Brooks, Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb, and Congressman Todd Rokita.  Each carries their own positives and negatives and will make things extremely interesting.

Indy Democrat has learned from multiple sources that Eric Holcomb has the inside track to being the GOP's nominee, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he will get it.  As former Party Chairman, he starts with an inherent advantage.  It remains to be seen if my sources are correct or not.

On the Democratic side, John Gregg and Christina Hale will wait to see how everything shakes out, but they can't rest on their laurels.  Sure, the work they've done to tear down Mike Pence's support has gone out the window.  The tactics need to change back to substance.  Thank goodness that Gregg can lean on not only his experience as Speaker of the House but his plans for the office.  This still is very much a Gregg agenda vs. the Republican agenda kind of race.  Gregg can still hang things like RFRA and other actions that have harmed our state's reputation on the GOP majority at the Statehouse.

Gregg's tactics now have to change in the interim to show that no matter who the Republicans decide to go with that he's the best choice to lead Indiana in 2016 and beyond.  I think the argument is a simple one to make.

In some election years, a move like this would have dealt a fatal blow to the opposition, but this race now becomes a race more on the issues rather than a referendum on Mike Pence.  Because John Gregg has run such a great campaign so far, it becomes a simple pivot for him.  I'm sure his campaign strategists will have some sleepless nights, but the important thing now is to keep bashing the free and earned media buttons as well as hitting those biographical ads.

Gregg must remind people that he's the guy that has wanted to serve as Governor and has dedicated himself to the issues of our state now for two election cycles.

Brian Bosma stayed in the House District 88 race.  This means he can't run for Governor.  The appropriate edit has been made.

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