Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gregg Launches First Offensive Attack on Pence

While Mike Pence continues to be in a holding pattern regarding his future as a potential Vice Presidential candidate, John Gregg is plowing forward in his campaign to be Governor of Indiana.

Gregg released an ad that launched a scathing attack that Pence fiddled while Carrier made arrangements to leave Indiana taking its jobs with it to Mexico. 

The ad starts out very strong by making its claims against Pence. It gets a little muddled to me when Gregg takes over.

I tend to like it when candidates speak in their own ad, but Gregg’s script isn’t that strong. The audio is also a mess. It sounds like perhaps Gregg’s microphone is buried in a fold of his shirt or something. It’s something that should have been recut.

Still, the attack stands though Governor Pence’s campaign says it’s inaccurate. The Pence campaign claims the Governor engaged others to try to help the Carrier workers. As I remember it, Pence was too busy blaming Washington and was caught flat footed by the move by the longtime Hoosier employer.

Nevertheless, this ad marks the first offensive attack by Gregg in the campaign. It shows that he’s not going to sit back and wait while Pence and Trump make up their minds. It appears Gregg still wants to be Governor of Indiana. That’s questionable for Pence right now.

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