Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Gorman to Face Sandlin in Senate District 36 Battle

Sean Gorman
The race in Senate District 36 was finally settled as of June 30.  It will be Democrat Sean Gorman battling GOP nominee Jack Sandlin.

Both candidates took hard-fought paths to the nomination.  On the Democratic side, it was a razor-thin margin between Jesse Kharbanda and Gorman.  Just 37 votes was the margin.  Republican Sandlin defeated former City-County Councillor Jefferson Shreve by 414 votes.

Republican Brent Waltz is vacating the seat because he decided to pursue the 9th District Congressional position.  He lost in that race to "Tennessee Trey" Hollingsworth, who many believe is, of course, the carpetbagging candidate out to buy a seat in Congress.

Jack Sandlin
Gorman spoke briefly at the Perry Township Democratic Club meeting on June 30.  He said he's excited to move forward, but the close primary result and the subsequent recount have made him play catch up to Sandlin.

Sandlin is a former law enforcement officer and Perry Township Trustee.  He has served on the City-County Council since 2010.

As a candidate, Gorman brings plenty of experience.  He is a veteran of state government having worked for the Department of Natural Resources, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and he served as the Director of the Indiana Board of Nursing.

A father of four, Gorman lives on the Southside of Indianapolis.  He holds a Bacheleor of Science in Public Affairs as well as a Juris Doctorate from Indiana University.

In 2012, Waltz took 53 percent of the vote in defeating then-state Rep. Mary Ann Sullivan.  The district is targeted by Democrats because of the way the district is drawn with most of the district in Marion County and a small, gerrymandered arm jutting into Johnson County.

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