Thursday, July 14, 2016

France Attacked on Bastille Day

Terrorism has apparently raised its ugly head again in our world.

Tonight, we get word of another attack in Nice, France on Bastille Day.   

The details still are murky, but a commercial-sized truck plowed through crowds of people in the beautiful coastal city.  The death toll and injury toll is massive.  The video is hard to watch.

To attack France on Bastille Day is particularly evil.  To attack a city like Nice is really sickening. 

The attack came as tourists, residents and families celebrated French independence.  A fireworks display brought people out into the streets.  As the display ended and people started to return home or to their hotels or to the bars and parties, terror struck.  

It's been a particularly tough summer.  Attacks across the globe and in the United States have made us question everything from our faith to our humanity to both.  

I just don't have any answers.

I only have condolences.  I send my heart to those in France and around the world dealing with terror.  I hope or a world where love will conquer hate.

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