Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Clinton Needs More Than Statement To Put E-Mail Issue Behind Her

Hillary Clinton
The FBI recommended yesterday that no charges be filed against Hillary Clinton in the inquest into her use of private e-mail servers to do work when she was Secretary of State.

It came as little shock to me.  I never thought the FBI would charge Secretary Clinton in the case, and I doubt that the Department of Justice will override the FBI.  In essence, the scandal over Hillary Clinton's e-mail use has come to an end, and it will be up to the voters to make sense of everything.

No shock.  Hillary is no criminal.  She's not going to jail. She's moving on, and her campaign issued a statement saying as much.

I hope I can suggest a different course of action for our party's presumptive nominee.

Given what was in FBI Director James Comey's statement, I don't think Clinton can simply sweep this under the rug and put something heavy on top of it.  This is instead a stain that will soak through that rug.  I think any criticism she gets for the handling of sensitive information is completely fair and warranted.  I also think its completely fair that voters should take a critical look into how Clinton used e-mail.  At the minimum, it was certainly not a very careful way to handle important information, and that goes to the heart of what the President's job entails.

Whoever sits in that chair behind the Resolute Desk knows things that many of us probably would rather not know, and there's a reason for it.  The amount of power that comes from that position and office is immense, and I don't have to elaborate.  Every decision could literally mean life and death to some.

Clinton needs to come clean with the people of this country, and we need to hear exactly what she has learned from this entire episode.  We need to hear how much this will change how she handles information in the future.  It's a time for the Secretary to, as President Ronald Reagan once said, "Shine a light on (her) problem."

As is well-known by now, Hillary Clinton's problem is that people, for whatever reason don't trust her.  In some ways it's not fair. Some of the reason people don't trust her is frankly bunk.  It's a result of the vast right wing conspiracy surrounding both Hillary and Bill Clinton for years.

This is different.  Unimagined scandals like this play directly into the narrative that already exists about the Clintons.  Donald Trump and his supporters certainly will be playing to it because it's all he has to play to.

While Trump is the worst candidate put up in years by a major party, I'm not saying this campaign is over. The polls say we're still close.  I think that the polls will change once people start paying more attention.

If elected, Hillary Clinton won't get Donald Trump in 2020 to run against.  You had better believe that Republicans and others will watch her every move in the Oval Office just waiting for a hint of a scandal or slip-up if she makes it there.  These lapses of judgment or mistakes such as the ones demonstrated in the FBI report simply cannot happen when Secretary Clinton becomes President Clinton.

I am so with her.  I am enthusiastically a supporter, and I will work to get her elected.  At the end of the day, Hillary Clinton is by far a better, smarter, and more reasonable choice than Donald Trump.  She is a better choice given her experience than Gary Johnson or Jill Stein or any other candidate running.  With all her flaws, she's the most ready candidate to be President of the United States on day number one.

She's still tough.  She's still tested.  I just hope she doesn't try to run away from this.  She needs to respond and reassure the voters that she understands her mistake and is not going to repeat it.  If she gives a satisfactory answer to these questions, she can take this issue off the table...permanently.

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