Monday, July 11, 2016

Bayh Mounts Comeback

Evan Bayh
Evan Bayh has reportedly decided to make a comeback and run for the Senate seat he gave up six years ago.

I know that Republicans are probably letting out a long stream of curse words right now, and I get it.  I also know know that as a Democrat I'm supposed to feel all warm and tingly inside and party like it's 1988 again.  I have to say that I feel a little better as a partisan about the race, but, as an LGBTQ+ community member, I'm restraining some giddiness.

Credit Joe Donnelly, John Gregg, and a number of Indiana Democrats.  They have evolved on issues that are close to many within my community.  Even Baron Hill this time around was a different Democrat.  Will Evan Bayh evolve?

Then, there's also a question about what Bayh has been doing since he left office in 2010.  If you recall, Bayh abruptly left the race in February of 2010 leaving Democrats with Brad Ellsworth as their candidate.  At the jump off point, Bayh was in a 50-50 race with Dan Coats.  In 2012, Bayh toyed with a comeback and eventually decided not to run for Governor.  In 2016, it looked like he was content with being a retired Senator as he declined to run for his old seat and Governor again.

For work, he's been a Fox News commentator, worked as a lobbyist, and he has worked with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  All problematic for liberals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   That said, he has $10 million in the bank, and you had better bet he will raise more.  The race has moved from the Republican column to a toss-up or better.  Todd Young has to be very disappointed that he left his job in the House to run for Senate now.  Still, he's not going we think.

Now, here we are again. What a moment this is in Indiana politics!

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Anonymous said...

Bayh will energize Democrats and help most on the ballot. Might hurt Gregg's ability to raise money because Evan has a history of taking the money even when he does not need it.