Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Tennessee Trey" Hollingsworth Has Reason for Concern in Indiana 9th

Internal campaign polls are like things said by Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade. You take them for what they are worth.
Trey Hollingsworth

With that said, Shelli Yoder’s campaign has released an internal poll showing that the 9th District race for Congress between her and “Tennessee” Trey Hollingsworth is tied. 

The poll of 401 likely voters by the Garin Hart Yang Research Group shows a dead heat, 41 percent to 41 percent, race between Yoder and Hollingsworth with a large number of undecided voters and a margin of error or +/- 5 percentage points. 

Shelli Yoder
 Now, this is just one poll, and it's an internal poll.  If another poll confirms this one or even shows a competitive margin, it could mean this seat (rated safe Republican) is one the Republicans will have to worry about trying to keep in the fall.

That would be a downer for the GOP.  If they have to spend some money helping the already rich Hollingsworth hold a safe seat for the Republican Party, then Yoder has done a good job.  She could change that from good to great by actually sending Trey Hollingsworth back to Tennessee with a loss.

She could do it.

Yoder is a strong candidate.  She's run before and knows the district well.  Hollingsworth doesn't, and it's not like this at least a portion of this area hasn’t been represented by a Democrat in the recent past. This is, however, a different 9th District than it was when Baron Hill was Congressman.

It would be nice to force Republicans to spend some money on a safe seat they thought they’d have no chance of losing. If this race stays close, Democrats will be happy to make the R’s play defense. I guess that’s what happens when you nominate a carpetbagger for Congress.

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