Friday, June 24, 2016

Some Notes for John Gregg's Campaign

John Gregg and Christina Hale
Photo from Gregg for Governor
on Facebook
So far the John Gregg campaign for Governor hasn't stepped wrong in 2016.

The former speaker is on message, on track, and maybe on the way from Sandborn to the Governor's Mansion in November.

I think Gregg has done a nice job reintroducing himself to the voters as well as raising money.  He needs to continue hitting voters with his bio because of all the things he's done in public and private life.  He has many different kinds of experiences that make him a very good candidate for Governor of Indiana.

If I were sitting in the campaign war room, there are three ads that I might shoot and put in my back pocket for later.

First of all, Mike Pence and his cronies at the Republican Governor's Association continue to hammer Gregg by exaggerating parts of his record as speaker of the house and associating him with the failed energy company, Enron.  I think Gregg has hit back nicely, but it might be good to have a "let's talk about it" kind of ad.  John is good at slamming the door on his opponents, and this might be a good way to shine a light on his problem and show how completely weak the attacks are.

The second ad I would shoot and file away for later is an ad that shines a spotlight on the bright light of Christina Hale.  Like Vi Simpson was in 2012, Hale is an amazing choice as a running mate.  Highlighting her personal story as well as her professional accomplishments would show voters what a tremendous asset she will be as Lieutenant Governor.

Finally, a third ad I would shoot would go for the jugular.  It would attack Pence's weaknesses.

I would have Gregg directly address his evolution on same-sex marriage, but I'd also incorporate Pence's penchant for wanting to come between a woman and her right to have domain over her own body as well as attacking Pence on RFRA.  You would have to be careful of the tone of the ad, but I would again make this a very personally-driven ad with Gregg on camera.  I think he can connect with the hearts of voters.

Again, these are just suggestions.  I know Gregg has smart people like Tim Henderson driving his campaign, so I can imagine we'll see some good stuff as the summer season continues to march toward fall and November.


Neal said...

Re--women's health: I was recently at a Gregg fundraiser and he had a good riff on how "I don't even like to go to the doctor myself, but Mike Pence wants to go to the doctor with every woman in Indiana." It was very effective and would make a good ad.

Anonymous said...

I have known John for over 30 years. I know him very well. I laugh at some of the people's comments who obviously do not know him very well.John is VERY conservative, especially for a Democrat. This helps him in Indiana and is the only way a Democrat can win. He cannot veer too far to the left. He knows that. If you want to know John better, read his book. You will see that a lot of his close friends are Republicans. Rex Early is one of them. Paul Manwheiler (sp) former Republican Speaker of the House is another one. John has a good chance to get a big crossover vote. He will embrace unions and LGBT rights, but do not be fooled into thinking he is anything but conservative. Hale is very much to the left of him. I agree that he must hit Pence hard but he must be careful not to be perceived as liberal. Despite all of Pence's blunders, he is still the favorite because this is a conservative and Republican state. John can win with a smart campaign and he is doing well so far.

johnnystir said...

Nothing that I've said violates John's conservative principles.