Tuesday, June 28, 2016

RGA Drops Mint on Pence

A few weeks ago, a poll came out that showed Governor Mike Pence with a four point lead over John Gregg in the race for Governor of Indiana, 49-45 with five percent undecided.

The poll came out shortly before the Indiana Primary Election, and it was sponsored by WTHR and Indiana political analyst Brian Howey.

The polling news was followed by the revelation that John Gregg had outraised Governor Pence in campaign contributions.  It's another indicator that things aren't so hunky dory for the state's highest executive.

Yesterday afternoon, Matt Tully tweeted out another chilling fact for Mr. Pence in the Governor's race.

That's right, the Republican Governors Association has jumped into this race in a big way. I don't get the feeling that the money drop by the RGA has changed this race in any great way.  They've largely wasted this money on repeating negative attacks from 2012 in an effort to define John Gregg.

Still, Pence hasn't had to spend his own cash, which is nice.  Gregg, with no comparative support as of yet, has been spending his own campaign's money to try to fight off the attacks.  It's going to take a lot more cash to get to November.

I'm really interested to see what the next poll shows in this race.  My feeling is that it's going to be close all the way to November.

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