Tuesday, June 21, 2016

RGA Continues Negative Exaggerated Attacks on Gregg

The Republican Governors Association launched another attack ad against John Gregg a few days back.

There's really nothing new in this ad, and that means that they haven't found a new means to attack John Gregg since 2012.  These are really empty attacks as well Gregg can easily sidestep them and even pivot back to an attack on Mike Pence.

So far, it's John Gregg that's keeping on the issues.  We haven't really seen him mix it up on the airwaves.  Still, the RGA ads are paid for with money that Mike Pence doesn't have to worry about while the Gregg campaign's answer is costing $600,000 per week according to the candidate himself.

His latest ad is an answer to the GOP hit pieces.  He keeps it above board and even has a former Republican State Representative, Katherine Willing, sing his praises.

I don't ever recall a general election battle for the Governor's race beginning this early with both candidates on the air.  In 2012, Pence was up with his ads months before Gregg was  Pence was up in May with his spots. Gregg didn't get on the air until August.

Despite his slow start, Gregg excelled in the debates and as a closer.  Pence awkward and robotic whereas Gregg's folksy nature is very warm and genuine.  Polling again shows this race is right where it left off on election night 2012.

It will be interesting to see what trick plays are in the playbook for both campaigns coming these next four-plus months.

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