Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ping Fails Basic Congressional Test

Cat Ping
Photo from Facebook
Seventh District Republican Congressional nominee Cat Ping took to Facebook a few days ago to argue against the passage of a Congressional Resolution condemning hate crimes against Muslim Americans.

The rambling Facebook post shows among other things that Ping doesn't understand what is in the resolution.  She apparently believes that it's a bill.  Bills and resolutions are not the same thing.

A resolution is just Congress taking a position on something.  There are resolutions passed on tons of things.  Again, they are just essentially expressing the majority opinion of Congress.  A bill is actually something that become a law.

So, when Ping says this particular resolution is a bill that provides extra protections for Muslims and Muslim-Americans, she's incorrect.  It's just Congress taking a position against a religious minority being targeted for hate crimes.  I guess she must be opposed to that seemingly non-controversial position.  Congressman Andre Carson clearly is a supporter.

Ping even points out that Carson and Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota are both supporting the resolution.  They are the only two Members of Congress who are Muslim.

If you want to read Ping's diatribe, you can find it on her Facebook page. She made the post on May 24.  It is entitled "Attention: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is still a WOLF".

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