Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pence Via the RGA Goes Negative on June 6

Make a note of it, Mike Pence has gone negative on John Gregg on June 6...five months before Election Day.

Of course, it's not Pence directly, it's the Republican Governor's Association.  They are so concerned about Pence's unstable positioning that they are running this massively negative ad against Gregg.

Gregg's campaign had a response ready to go (and it includes a Republican former representative calling him a fiscal conservative).

The Governor's race is heating up, and it hasn't even hit 90 yet on the thermostat.

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True Republican said...


Your post points out that the Gregg campaign appears to be staying on track. Having a rebuttal ad ready to go this fast will help his campaign immensely. If anyone is interested I have found a blog post that points out some of Mike Pence's failings as a Republican and as a person.

Here is the post: https://unboughtandunbossedrepublican.blogspot.com/2016/05/rino-mike-pence-indiana-republicans.html

The Blog in question also links to this site and The Johnny Stir Show! Keep up the good work!