Thursday, June 30, 2016

Masson's Right...It's About Who Will Govern Best

In the blogosphere, there are few bloggers that I respect more than Doug Masson.  He as well as Sheila Kennedy always write posts worth reading.

He's been at it a long time, and he always finds a way to be the adult in the room even when he disagrees with you.

I read Abdul-Hakim Shabazz's Indy Politics post on John Gregg's state-paid insurance, and I decied to respond by pointing out that Mike Pence's Congressional record (for which he will qualify for a pension, by the way) was less than stellar compared to the $1.97 million in salary he took for his 12 years in Congress.

Granted, it was a big of a reach, and I wrote it to be a bit absurd but to also remind folks about Pence's work in the legislature.  

Anyway, enter Doug Masson.  Masson read both of our posts and wrote an excellent post that kind of took both of us to task without really taking us to task.  You can read the entire blog post here, and I hope you do.  It's worth your time.

Masson points out that Gregg's insurance cost nor Pence's Congressional salary should mean much in the grand scheme of things.  As Masson put it, "Neither ought to be a huge factor in a voter’s decision — the voter should be deciding which person would do a better job governing the state."

That's a way to refocus this whole kerfuffle.  Voters have to pick through all of these noisy voices out here to decide which candidate has the best vision for the state.  Last time around, no matter how I dislike it, 49.6 percent of Hoosier voters thought that was Mike Pence.  

Polling shows that Pence and Gregg are close again this time around.  I'm more convinced than ever that this year it's John Gregg.  From his plans and thoughts on education to jobs to equality to bipartisanship, Governor John Gregg needs to be hired in November and inaugurated in January, but that's my opinion.  I think many agree with me.  You can tell that Mike Pence is gravely concerned as are his allies.  It almost feels like John Gregg is the incumbent the way he's being attacked.  

It's your mind to make up, and I hope that you'll cut through all the claims and blubber and make the right decision with your vote for you.  This is just the start of the campaign, and it's going to get a lot nastier.

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