Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gregg Further Strengthens Position with Pick of Hale as Lt. Governor Candidate

Rep. Christina Hale
The only thing bad so far about John Gregg's pick of Representative Christina Hale as a running mate was the timing of the announcement.

Gregg's announcement was drowned out in the news cycle by last week's somewhat stunning news that the 100th Indianapolis 500 was a complete sellout and would be broadcast in the Indianapolis media market for the first time since Johnnie Parsons won the rain-shortened 1950 race.  Other than that, Gregg and Hale have been full steam ahead, and Democrats seem happy with the choice of the Indy legislator as the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

After all, you won't find many legislators who are as widely respected and beloved by all constituencies of the party as Hale.  For months, she has been on Gregg's reported radar, and her selection came as very little surprise to political insiders.

Hale is tough.  She's been a leading voice in the legislature since she took her oath of office on women's issues.  Her outspokenness has drawn respect from both sides of the aisle, and she's gotten things done.  Hale's been a strong advocate for women who have been victims of sexual or domestic violence.  She's also been a strong opponent of human trafficking and a vociferous ally of the LGBTQ community.

Add in that Hale, who comes from Latino roots, knows how to win close races and appeal to Republicans, and you have a partner for Gregg that seems perfect.  It's exactly what he wants to do and an exact foil for the Pence Administration that has spent much of its time figuring out how to divide constituency groups.

The 350,000 attendees of the Indianapolis 500 saw an airplane trailing the message, "Pence must go," and it's becoming a rallying cry for those on both sides of the aisle that want to see Governor Mike Pence leave the Governor's mansion in January.  Pence seems oblivious and caught flat-footed by the close polling results and keeps trying to run a traditional "look at my record" campaign.  It's not about Pence's record, though.  It's about Mike Pence.  Hoosiers just don't like him, and they want an alternative.

With Christina Hale as his running mate, John Gregg becomes an even more formidable foe for Mike Pence and Eric Holcomb.  The polls are showing this race will come down to the wire.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand your comment that Mike Pence would be caught "flat-footed" by recent poll numbers. If I were Mike Pence and had seen the end of the two most recent legislative sessions and poll numbers came out that showed me still ahead, I'd be ecstatic.

If you don't like Mike Pence, you likely made up your mind that you didn't like him a long time ago, there isn't much that he is going to do between now and November to shift people into that category, especially if John Gregg refuses to play the RFRA card as he has conspicuously not done for the last 15 months. Mike Pence will take a win by 10 votes as an explicit endorsement and mandate for more of the same crap.

I'm most certainly not going to vote for Mike Pence in November. I just wish John Gregg would do give me a reason to vote FOR him. To date, he has done nothing to earn it. And that's the real issue that's going to challenge both candidates, how many Republican voters are simply going to leave a box unchecked in the Governor's race. I believe Republican apathy is Mike Pence's biggest obstacle to a second term. That and if John Gregg can rack up numbers in Marion, Lake, St. Joe and Vandenburgh counties. 5 months out, I don't feel very good about this.

johnnystir said...

This is a different John Gregg this time around. I think that will become more clear as the campaign continues. I would submit that picking Rep. Hale would be an enticement to vote FOR Gregg. Then again, some people don't vote for running mate choices.

johnnystir said...

My flat-footed point is that Pence's numbers aren't changing no matter how much he keeps playing the same types of ads. He's done nothing to fix the biggest problem...people don't like him.