Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Donnelly Looks Beyond Partisanship, Votes for Common Sense Gun Control

Senator Joe Donnelly
In the wake of the four votes on gun control that failed in the United States Senate, there were number of memes that came out on Facebook and across the internet shaming those Senators that voted to kick the can down the road.

On a couple of those memes, Joe Donnelly, Indiana's Democratic Senator, was listed as siding with the wrong side of the ledger from the perspective of gun control advocates.  The memes are wrong.

Truth is that the only Senator to look beyond partisanship and to vote with gun control advocates on all four pieces of legislation was Joe Donnelly.

As the Indiana Democratic Party put it:

"Democrat Joe Donnelly of Indiana was the only member of the U.S. Senate to vote Monday in favor of all four proposals aimed at curtailing gun sales to terrorism suspects. 
None of the measures,– two from each political party,– received the 60 votes required to advance in the 100-member Senate. 
Donnelly voted in favor of Democratic amendments to ban gun sales to anyone on federal terrorism watch lists and to require criminal background checks on people trying to buy guns at gun shows and on the internet. 
He also supported Republican amendments to delay for 72 hours the purchase of guns by anyone who has been on a federal terrorism watch list and to improve federal databases maintained by the National Criminal Instant Background Check System."
Please correct the record if you see someone trying to smear Donnelly.  It's a shame that once again our Senate, as a body, failed to look beyond partisan politics and partisanship.  We're left without common sense gun control again.

Don't blame Joe Donnelly.

Were there some things in the Republican bills that were unpalatable to Democrats?  Absolutely.  Still, the way you get things done in politics is compromise.  Some gun control is better than status quo.  Our broken Senate is on display here.  Partisanship leads to the status quo.

"It's amazing what can be accomplished if you do not care who gets the credit," said Harry S Truman. Maybe someday our legislature will adopt this mantra again someday.  For now, it's sadly caught up in that "gimme credit" trap.

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