Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DeLaney Proposes Tightening Gun Laws, Reporting of Gun Crimes

Ed DeLaney
With the inaction in Washington, State Representative Ed DeLaney spoke out on Tuesday challenging Republicans to make a choice between making Indiana safer or appealing to their base on guns.

The veteran legislator said that he will introduce gun control measures at the state level such as background checks, the banning of military-style weaponry and high capacity clips when he General Assembly session begins in January.  He also said that he will push for changes that make it mandatory for local level agencies to notify the Indiana State Police of crimes committed with a gun instead of the current system which leaves it up to the local level officials.

DeLaney also said that the state needs to beef up its probation department with more funding and resources to help keep up with those it watches and to help it communicate better with state agencies.

Citing the recent case of James Wesley Howell, the Indiana man who traveled to California in a car loaded with weapons and explosive material, DeLaney said Indiana's current gun laws just aren't enough and that his proposed updates will help keep Hoosiers safer.

It's an uphill climb in gun-crazed Indiana which has some of the most lax gun laws in the nation.  Local communities are even prohibited in many ways from enacting gun control ordinances by Indiana Code.

Tony Katz, WIBC's Morning News host tweeted out a response to DeLaney oddly linking the legislator's news conference with the then-breaking story of a young Brownsburg man who has been attempting to join ISIS.

Talk about mixing issues!!

Apparently, Katz forgets that the First Amendment allows DeLaney to criticize the Second in the U.S. Constitution.  He also seems to not realize that DeLaney has stood up and continues to stand up for his beliefs despite an attack that nearly cost the legislator his life.

Ed's as tough as they come, and he has a history of getting things done.  We'll see if the GOP's ledership moves an inch on these proposed bills in an election year.


Anonymous said...

Before you put Ed Delaney on a pedestal. Read Paul Ogden's Mendenhall Chronicles:

Delaney doesn't come out looking that good in Paul's reporting.

Anonymous said...

Paul's "reporting"? Looks like bullshit rumor-mongering to me.

johnnystir said...

I am aware of Paul's post. I stand by my piece.