Monday, June 6, 2016

Chatting with Sanders...Via My Blog

Senator Bernie Sanders
Senator Sanders, let's sit down for a moment.

First of all, thank you for running.  I mean that sincerely.  You have brought attention and light to issues the Democratic Party and others pushed aside for years.  By shining a light on those issues, you and your supporters can now make sure that action occurs over the next four to eight years of the next President's term.  You should be very proud of your run as you started from nothing and pushed this all the way to the end.

This, however, is the end.  You lost fair and square.  Hillary Clinton did not cheat to beat you, and many questions could be raised about states you won in, too.  The Democratic Primary process is not perfect and perhaps it does favor the candidate with the most money and the most power.  That's our broken political system, in general.  It's a place where someone like "Tennessee Trey" Hollingsworth and his big bank roll can come in and buy the nomination for a U.S. House seat.  I'm not saying that it's right, but that is the system that we have.

You should be even more proud that you pushed it this far in that system.  You have a place in changing this system.

That being said, this race has really been over for months.  Sure, you've won your share of states and contests, but the delegate count for Secretary Clinton has continued to climb, too.  When Clinton has fought hard in a state, she's either won or kept it close enough that the delegate counts have been split.  She's going to win New Jersey by a wide margin if the polling is correct, and, while you might win in California, it's not going to be the kind of big margin you need to close the delegate gap.  With superdelegates, Hillary should close the deal.

Yes, those superdelegates that you and your supporters have railed against.  These are now the people you need to change their votes to support you.  Recently, though, you've given these superdelegates no reason to change those votes.  In fact, your rhetoric has become more divisive.  It's driving a wedge in the Democratic Party, and that's dangerous given the opponent on the other side.

I believe once Hillary Clinton is the nominee, and that is what's going to happen here, the damage will repair itself.  That still depends on you.  Like I said, you have a role to play here.  You can prevent your supporters from "berning" the whole place down or understanding the dangers of supporting the Republican nominee.

Senator Sanders, I respect you.  I admire you.  I hope that you continue to be involved, but I hope you quickly realize that this race is over after Tuesday and it's time to move on to November with Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.

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