Monday, May 23, 2016

Rokita Manages to Become Even More Unpopular

Rep. Todd Rokita
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Todd Rokita is one piece of work.

While I give him credit for being a more responsive legislator than his predecessor, noted possible lettuce smoker, Steve Buyer, Rokita has made a career out of saying and doing unpopular things.

First, he was one of the guiding lights behind Indiana's voter ID bill as Secretary of State.  Then, upon getting to Congress, he insulted people like my mother who depended on Medicare and Social Security to survive.  Now, he's trying to make it harder for kids to eat free lunch at school.  If he's launching his 2018 Senate campaign, this is hardly the way to do it.  I even have his slogan, "Vote for the guy who wants to attack kids and old people!"

This gift wraps an issue for educator John Dale, the Democrat running against Rokita.  I would be using this extremely unpopular proposed bill as an issue at every campaign stop.

The thing is, children need to eat to learn.  That's an easy study.  Students who have their basic needs met learn better.  In the near 20 years I've been teaching, I've seen schools go from offering free lunch to only a few students to offering free meals three times a day for kids.  This is the only food some kids will get each day.

I'm sure Dale has seen it, too.  Dale teaches at Western Boone High School, and he has for years.  He provides a great choice for voters in the 4th Congressional District.

It would be great to see someone teach Rokita a lesson.  Why not have it be an educator like Dale?

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Anonymous said...

Someone has to pay for "free school lunches"...they do not grow on trees (or in the casino we call "Congress".