Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pence Wrong Again

Governor Mike Pence
Mike Pence is so wrong.

I’m sure you aren’t surprised that I would write those four words, but I think he’s even more wrong than normal.

Pence said that the federal government has no place in telling states what to do when it comes to discriminating against transgender Americans. Of course, it doesn’t break down in those terms exactly. This is all disguised as the current transgender bathroom controversy about whether people can use the facilities of the gender they identify with or the gender on their birth certificate.

The Governor apparently believes the residents of Indiana should decide where transgender people use the bathroom. 

That would mean that you or I could have more of a voice about where a transgender Hoosier uses the restroom than that individual. 

Sorry Governor Pence. It’s for that reason alone that the federal government should completely have the right to step in to protect the rights of the minority.  We don't put those rights on the ballot or up for majority rule. 

Governor Pence isn’t positioning himself as the late Alabama Governor George Wallace here by standing in the outhouse door as Wallace stood in the school house door to try to stop the desegregation of the University of Alabama in the 50’s, but he is close. Plus, Governor Pence is such a fan of home rule that he overrides local municipalities’ rights to govern themselves with strokes of his pen. He’s done so on local government structure, gun control, and even RFRA. 

Instead of telling us what he really believes, Pence turns tail and hides behind state’s rights. We all know Pence’s true colors on LGBT issues.

President Barack Obama saw a problem where the civil rights of what should be a protected class needed protection, and he took a step to do it. In my view, that’s exactly what the federal government exists for.

Can we stop with this bathroom banter? Let transgender Americans be Americans.

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