Friday, May 13, 2016

Hill Set to Battle Young

Baron Hill
I've been holding on to this one for a couple of days.

Baron Hill spoke in Indianapolis at the Decatur Township Democratic Club on Monday, and he gave a strong defense of his own record in the House and pledged to go after Todd Young as they battle to fill the seat about to open when Dan Coats retires in January.

Hill said Republicans often rail against three programs that actually have helped Americans and propped up the economy: the automotive industry bailout, the stimulus, and Obamacare.

"Remember cash for clunkers? These were programs that saved our economy and made a difference for families across our country," said Hill.  "I don't think Republicans remember just how serious things were eight years ago.  Democrats and President Obama took action."

He noted that Todd Young and Donald Trump want to return us to the economic systems and times that got us in trouble in the first place.  Young also can expect to have to answer for anything controversial Trump has to say.  "If he doesn't denounce anything controversial Trump might say, you can bet that I'm going to wrap him around it," Hill said.

Hill said Trump at the top of the ticket makes this a very different race.  "We have three Supreme Court Justices that are going to be in their 80's over the next few years.  Senate control is going to be key.  There has to be a backstop to Trump just in case."

Senate control could come down to this seat in Indiana, and it sounds like Hill is ready to fight hard to be the next great Democratic Senator from Indiana.

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