Thursday, May 12, 2016

Governor Air Campaigns Start Early

We are barely a week out from the May primary election, and we're already seeing the ad war begin on television between gubernatorial candidates John Gregg and incumbent Mike Pence.

Governor Mike Pence touts his record in his first ad.  He ignores the more controversial parts of his record such as RFRA and his education policy and instead goes for the wallet touting Indiana's economy and job growth.  It's a perceived strength for him, and this ad is a somewhat veiled attempt at the "Morning in America" feel of Ronald Reagan's famous 1984 ad.

Democratic opponent John Gregg attacks the GOP's record in Indiana by going after that perceived economic strength in his first ad.  Gregg seems to question how strong that economy really is as Indiana's wages and take home pay continue to lag behind other states.  Gregg also strikes a bi-partisan tone in this spot.  It's a strong first effort.

If you think Mike Pence doesn't think he's in trouble, you're wrong.  There's no way he'd be launching an ad this early if he thought everything was secure.  This IS going to be a race to watch in 2016.

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