Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Glancing at Primary Winners and Losers

Lots of results to sift through, so I'll be doing that over the next few days here on the blog.

Let's begin at the top of the docket.

In the battle for President of the United States, Bernie Sanders knocked off Hillary Clinton (as I predicted on the JohnnyStir Show).  It's a victory for Sanders that took a lot of money and a lot of effort.  It didn't net him a lot of delegates, and it was pretty clear that tactically, Hillary was looking past Indiana.  She didn't spend much money, and she only made a couple of appearances in the Hoosier State.

On the Republican side, the knockout blow was finally delivered by Donald Trump to Ted Cruz.  The Texas Senator threw everything he could at the New York billionaire, but Trump stood tall.  Cruz dropped out of the race leaving John Kasich as the last candidate standing against Trump.  As Jake Tapper pointed out so astutely on CNN, Kasich trails both Cruz and Marco Rubio in delegates meaning that he's "in fourth place in a two man race."

Cruz's loss was also a loss for Governor Mike Pence.  Indiana's highest executive endorsed Cruz over Trump and then watched him lose big time.  It also appears, according to Keith Clock and an analysis of the Hamilton County numbers that 10,000 voters skipped Pence's name on their GOP ballot.

Also losing big time was Representative Marlin Stutzman.  Fellow Congressman Todd Young dusted the floor with him in the primary for U.S. Senate.  This race was called early.

Incumbent Indiana Senator Pete Miller lost his seat in the Indiana Senate.  The Republican was defeated by fellow GOP member John Crane.  Also going home is State Representative Casey Cox.  Cox authored HB1337 which was Indiana's new controversial abortion bill before it was signed into law by Governor Pence.

Also, in the 8th District Congressional Primary on the Democratic side, David Orentlicher was trailing Ron Drake by just a few hundred votes with 87 percent counted.  The former state representative is making his second run for Congress, and it looks like this one will come down to the wire.

In the 9th Congressional District Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth was successful in purchasing his way to the November Election.  He'll face Democrat Shelli Yoder.

We'll look at more races as the week moves on.

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