Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ellspermann Expected to be Appointed President of Ivy Tech

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Indiana's own House of Cards episode has come to a end.

On Wednesday, former Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann is expected to be appointed the new President of Ivy Tech Community College.  The board that appoints her to that position was put in place by Governor Mike Pence.

By the way, I'm not disputing the appointment.  I think Ellspermann is a very bright and talented individual who is well-suited to lead Ivy Tech.  It's just amazing how the machinations of the political machine work sometimes.

Ellspermann, you will remember, was Lieutenant Governor of Indiana under Pence for most of his first term, but there was trouble at the oasis.  A rumored ideological rift between the #1 and #2 executives in Indiana Government was very well circulated.  Rumors began to surface that Pence was ready to dump Ellspermann off the ticket.

With the Ivy Tech job opening, it gave Ellspermann a nice and soft landing spot.  Cue the resignation and the interest in the job.  Ellspermann became the first sitting Lieutenant Governor in years to be nudged off the ticket.  Loyal Republican insider Eric Holcomb jumped aboard the USS Pence Administration to fill the Lieutenant Governor seat vacated by Ellspermann giving him his own soft landing spot from his losing bid for U.S. Senate.

For everything to work out, Ellspermann had to get that Ivy Tech job.  What a shocker, she did!

Move those deck chairs, Mike.

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