Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Don't Laugh: Trump Could Win in November

Donald Trump
Donald Trump could win in November. 

Last year at this time, the suggestion of a Trump Presidential run brought chuckles and guffaws. It was a foregone conclusion that we’d be selecting between a Clinton and a Bush this cycle—Hillary and Jeb.

Certainly Donald Trump would never come close to sniffing the White House…let alone the nomination.

Along the way, it became apparent that Donald Trump's campaign was not a joke, but it was impossible for him to win the nomination.  At some point, Republicans would wake up and realize what was going on as the field cleared.  Trump would lose this thing along the way somewhere and another candidate would emerge.

Eventually, Trump had it.  He had won it.  The nomination is his.

Here we are some six months before Election Day. How do you feel now? Nervous?

A litany of articles has come out in recent days about Donald Trump and his supposed unpopularity among the electorate. I’ve read people laughing again at the thought of a Trump Presidency. I’ve seen polling numbers that have him way behind Bernie Sanders and way behind Hillary Clinton.

I've also seen battleground polling showing Trump at or equal to Sanders and Clinton in states like Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  It's getting scary.

Let us make no mistake.  It may seem far fetched or unbelievable.  It may seem improbable or impossible.  It may seem like it will never happen, but Donald Trump could win in November.  He could be President.

Democrats...we can't let that happen.  We just can't.  That feeling in the pit of your stomach that you have when you think about Donald Trump leading our great nation is unsettling.  Remember that. Don’t forget it.  Donald Trump must be defeated. 

Donald Trump could win in November.


Tom Aaron said...

Nobody knows.

My prediction.

Trump wins the popular vote 52 to 48.

Clinton leads polls by 3 points until election day. It's all about motivation. Nobody is enthused about Clinton. It will be all about him or hate him.

Paul K. Ogden said...

The polling doesn't show Trump flipping blue states to red. It shows him flipping red states to blue. I think he'll lose very badly come this November. But Trump has an outside shot because the Democrats are nominating such an unpopular candidate. If the D's would have nominated Joe Biden, the election would already have been over. But they are instead nominating the second most unpopular major party presidential candidate of all time. Trump being the first.