Friday, May 20, 2016

Dana Black Represents Real Change in House District 88 Battle with Bosma

Dana Black
Last night, I had the honor of co-hosting (with JD Ford, Rick Sutton, and Bobby Owens) a fundraiser for House District 88 candidate, Dana Black.

District 88 encompasses much of the Northeastside of Indianapolis and parts of Hamilton and Hancock Counties.  The current lead weight in the seat is longtime representative and Speaker of the House, Brian Bosma.

Bosma has spent 30 years of his adult life in the Indiana General Assembly.  He's spent much of the last few years as Speaker, and, as Black points out, he has been doing a bad job representing all of Indiana and all Hoosiers.

Black, an IT professional, said, "My wife and I wrote a check just last month to pay for a government that makes our lives more difficult.  That's not right!"

When elected, Black says that she will work toward a more inclusive Indiana.  She also passionately speaks about the need to teach things like computer coding in our schools as a way to spur economic growth to all communities...even the ones that are often neglected by our legislature.

"I'm running because I want to give people in this district a choice.  This district needs a new voice," Black said.

I really can't do her justice with this short blog post.  I'll just say that I don't host many fundraisers because I am a blogger, but I met Dana for the first time on the campaign trail when I was running for City-County Council.  Something was different about her.  I saw it again a few weeks ago when she brought the Decatur Township Democrats to a standing ovation after she talked.  Dana connects with her heart and her passion is palpable for service and these critical issues.

On any issue from RFRA to HJR-3 to the current controversy with women's reproductive rights, Dana is on the right side of the issue from my perspective, but lots of people are.  Dana just has an authenticity that doesn't come along very often in politics, and I am so glad that we met and that I can call her my friend.

Brian Bosma has no idea who he's up against.

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Annette said...

I would vote for Dana if I lived in her district. Dana is honest, and she truly cares about people. She listens! I know she will work hard for her constituents!