Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Council Renames Part of St. Joseph Street to Honor Amos Brown

Amos Brown Holding Court
Photo Courtesy of AM1310, The Light
Last night, the City-County Council got one really right.

Amid all the other business of a busy Council evening was a proposal to rename the 100 block of East St. Joseph Street after the legendary broadcaster Amos Brown.

The proposal passed the Council.  So now, the street his longtime employer, Radio One, is on is named after Brown.  It's a fitting tribute to a man who dedicated himself and his life to the City of Indianapolis.

In the months since Amos has passed, it's been a much different Indianapolis.  I can think of three or four times that I've caught myself thinking, "If only Amos were still around, such and such would be the topic of his radio show today."

I had a conversation with someone just the other day talking about certain things going on in education that Brown would be having a field day with in only the way he knew how.

I am very honored to have been a guest on his program a few weeks before he died, and I am still struck by what was his ability to multi-task.  As he interviewed me and other City-County Council candidates, Brown guided the interview.  His aim was getting out the information so that people could make an informed choice with their votes on Election Day.  He also was reading e-mails about the breaking news of the day which was Governor Mike Pence's plan to fix Indiana's crumbling infrastructure.

This move by the Council celebrates Brown's legacy as an Indianapolis legend, but it also makes sure that people will remember him for decades, not that we could ever forget him.

When I was on his program, at he end of the show, the candidates were all directed to give information about where we could be contacted.  The bumper music was rolling to go out.  Being a radio guy myself, I knew that this meant I needed to be quick.  So, I simply gave my website.

Brown said, "He's the broadcast guy, so he knew he needed to be quick."

It was just a small moment at the end of the show, but I took it as quite the compliment that Amos Brown recognized me as a "broadcast guy."

I'll never forget that.  Now, we'll never forget Amos Brown, thanks to Amos Brown Way.  Good job Council!

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