Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Council Passes Percent for Art Proposal

"Percent for art" is waiting to become law in Indianapolis after failing to get former Mayor Greg Ballard's signature in previous years.

The percent for art program again passed the City-County Council and will now go to Mayor Joe Hogsett's desk or his signature.  It is expected that Hogsett will sign the proposal.

The percent for art program would take project proposals that use tax increment financing or "TIF" funds and have the developer of those projects use their own funds to create public art.  The amount to spend would be equal to one percent of the TIF received.  If a company elects not to include art, it would pay into a fund that would make public art projects possible. 

This is a big step forward for the City of Indianapolis, and it passed in a bipartisan manner.  Here's to hoping that Mayor Hogsett makes this community-improving proposal an ordinance.

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