Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Clinton Deserves Unified Party Behind Her in 2016

Hillary Clinton
If you want to vote for Bernie Sanders, vote for Bernie Sanders. His message is solid, and there’s no doubt he’s had an impact on this political season and perhaps the Democratic Party going forward.

If you’re undecided, I urge you to vote for Hillary Clinton because Bernie Sanders is threatening to be an obstructionist all the way to the convention in Philadelphia.

Listen, you can’t change facts or results. The facts are that Hillary Clinton leads in the popular vote. Hillary Clinton has won more contests. Hillary Clinton has won more pledged delegates, and Hillary Clinton has won the support of more declared superdelegates. That’s not good enough for Bernie.
Bernie wants to overturn these results. He wants to overturn the entire primary season where Hillary Clinton will reach the required number of delegates to clinch the nomination and have a contested convention dividing the Democratic Party and inviting the distinct possibility of a President Donald Trump or President Ted Cruz.  In essence, he wants to upset the apple cart.

As House of Card's Frank Underwood has said, "If you don't like the way the table is set, overturn the table."  That's what Bernie Sanders wants to do, and it's pathetic and sad.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton pushed the election as far as she could. When she lost to President Barack Obama, she accepted the defeat with class and went about the business of uniting the party behind Obama.  That came in June.  If Sanders wants to push this thing to the last primary, he can.  I have no problem with that, but it's not going to change the results of how the majority of Democrats voted.

Actively attempting to overturn the will of the people would seem to be something that Bernie Sanders might be against.

Listen, I love Bernie.  I always have.  He is unabashedly who he is, and there's something to admire about authenticity in politics.  The fact is that this type of rhetoric about overturning the will of the party's voters is beneath him, and it shows a dark and dirty side more commonly associated with other candidates.

I have endorsed Secretary Clinton, and this latest effort by Sanders to overturn the results of five months of elections has further pushed me more into supporting her.

I'm with her, and I hope you will be too.


Anonymous said...

I won't vote for Hillary because I don't vote for Republicans for president. Sorry. Too bad she had about 35 different ways at her disposal to cheat the system; otherwise, we could have nominated a true progressive. This was almost certainly our last chance to have a president who marched for civil rights with Dr. King. Oh well. More wars it is.

kris said...

The old "cheat-the-system" argument eh? As Jon expressed in this piece, Bernie is now the one who wants to cheat the system. Suggesting that superdelegates change their vote EVEN IF Hillary has more pledged delegates and more popular votes is ABSURD. And I echo the sentiment that this has become a vanity run for Bernie at this point.

Anonymous--if you don't vote for Republicans for President, then you SHOULD vote for Hillary because surrendering your vote will surely put a Republican in the White House.

Anonymous said...

This Bernie support will not vote for Hillary in November. I'll just leave that one empty on my ballot. Principles over politics leads to progress.

kris said...

There's being principled and there's being stubborn. Stubborness does not help in a White House bid. It doesn't help down ticket candidates, and it doesn't help fill a vacancy in the Supreme Court.

I supported and voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary, (which, btw, was MUCH closer than the current race) but when she lost, I voted for the guy that I said was too inexperienced and whose fans were victims of a cult of personality. I quite like Obama now, and think he was the right person at the right time.

You and supporters like you are just taking your cues from the Sanders campaign. I like Bernie, but I think he must be getting some very bad advice from advisors who have stars in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

Bernie is the genuine candidate. If you hate the party of FDR you vote for Hillary Clinton. Clintonism is and will be the final nail to thoroughly put an end to the Democratic Party. If possible,I'll write in Bernie during GE. I will not vote for more neo-liberalism economic policies that will certainly continue under Clinton.

Autumn Cote said...
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Anonymous said...

I have to say your reason for being against Bernie in the post seems petulant. Hillary Clinton is a politician who looks to Henry Kissinger as a mentor. What kind of a human being can stand with Henry Kissinger? Perhaps it's time for reflection for the reasons as to why you're a Democrat? Perhaps it's time for you to decide what is really important beyond "brand names". Perhaps it's time to ascribe to a more genuine moral system? A more genuine value system with genuine roots going back to the Democratic Party when it really meant something.

There are much "dirtier" sins committed by the Clintons than the accusation you've thrown at Sanders. Much more and much uglier have been committed by Henry Kissinger.

When Hillary stands with Henry Kissinger and states she looks to him as a mentor,I can't help but think of the names among the edifice known as the American Vietnam War Veterans Memorial. All of those names. What a mockery.

johnnystir said...

Petulant? It's just my opinion.

If I said, "Take it or read another blog." That would be petulant. I actually welcome differences of opinion, and I opened the post by saying that if Bernie's your dude...vote for Bernie.