Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Trump Campaign Denies Involvement in Bizarre E-mails Sent to Delegates

Donald Trump
Tom John, Kyle Babcock, and other Indiana Republicans were quoted last week in a Politico piece about how delegates in Indiana are lining up against Donald Trump in the likely event of a contested Republican nomination at the GOP’s National Convention this coming July.

Indiana's delegates are only pledged to a candidate on the first ballot.  All bets are off after that.

According to Abdul-Hakim Shabazz on Indy Politics, John and Babcock (and others) each received a bizarre e-mail from someone or a group supporting Trump implying harm could come to either man or their families if they did not support Trump. It said that they were being watched.

That’s creepy.

For their part, the Trump campaign tells Indy Politics that no one associated with them in any official capacity is sending the e-mails.  In this day and age, that could be very true.  That said, this is serious enough for Donald Trump himself to come out and categorically tell his supporters to stop this mess. 

All candidates should denounce these actions.

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