Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Tennessee Trey" Puts Hoosierism to Test

I was getting ready for work this morning and brushing my teeth when the latest Trey Hollingsworth ad came on in the next room.

It features a bunch of different people talking about Hollingsworth and singing his praises.  One man says, "He's a real Hoosier."

I just about spit my toothpaste out all over the mirror in laughter.  The thing is that Hollingsworth actually wants you to believe he is a Hoosier.

I won't get into what the original definition of a Hoosier is here because no one really knows where the word came from or what it really meant.  Now, it's come to describe people who are from or that have lived in Indiana.

For me, it's a source of pride.  Even though our state sometimes seems stuck in the 50's, at least politically, I take pride being a Hoosier.  I take pride in my home state, and I enjoy that our politics is not always cut and dry.

One thing Hoosiers can't stand is a phony.  Hoosiers won't stand for someone who tries to be someone or something he or she is not.  For the most point, true Hoosiers can seek these folks out and expunge them from our politics.

The mantle of Hoosier is different than just about any other state name.  Someone from Ohio is, for example, an Ohioan.  You have Michiganians or Michiganders from Michigan.  Alabamans, Floridians, New Jerseyans, and on and on.  You don't call Hoosiers Indianans.  We are Hoosiers.

Trey Hollingsworth is no Hoosier.  He's a Tennessean living in Kentuckiana.  There's nothing wrong with that.  He just shouldn't be telling 9th District Hoosiers he is one of them when he is not.

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