Thursday, April 7, 2016

Scott Could Have Turned Negative Encounter Into Positive

In Indiana, Mike Pence is mighty unpopular, but he's not the only Governor in the U.S. who has issues.

Florida's Rick Scott has done some downright nasty things in Sunshine State.  Yesterday, the Governor decided to go to Starbucks where he was recognized by a fellow customer.  The outspoken customer let the Governor have it with a diatribe so loud that Scott could say little.

Be aware there is some bad language in this clip.

Cara Jennings told news reporters that she tried to have a civilized conversation with the Governor before the video started, but he wasn't having it.

Governor Scott called the video a setup and called Jennings an anarchist.

By the way, the rant, which Politifact actually fact checked, rated partly true.

I can't honestly condone Jennings's methods.  I do believe in speaking truth to power, but I also believe that no matter how much you don't like an officeholder that they still hold that office.  For example, Governor Rick Scott may have endorsed Donald Trump and done a ton of things you don't like.  He's still the Governor of Florida, and I think he deserves respect for holding that office.  There was nothing wrong necessarily with what Jennings did until she called the Governor a name, in my view.

Of course, the Governor did not respond in a very good manner, either.  Instead of turning a negative encounter back into a positive for him, he came off as looking like a guy who couldn't get his coffee and get out of there fast enough.  He cuts bait in the end and doesn't even get his coffee before fleeing the restaurant with his aides.

In the end of this whole encounter, there is no winner, but the Governor comes off as looking really weak and very childish.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree. I applaud the efforts and method used by Jennings. These politicos {Most often are nothing more than pampered princes) deserve to be confronted and in a manner which can be defined as less than polite. Office holders make decisions that have an impact upon many lives. Many--not all-- make decisions simply based on market research and the result of big moneyed lobbying efforts. They couldn't care less what the average voter thinks and/or how their decisions may negatively impact so many lives. Don't like the heat? Don't work in the kitchen.

I remember many years ago when angry seniors confronted John Glenn in Ohio. Politicians only react when pressure is put upon them.