Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sanders Wins Wisconsin As Clinton Campaign Lands in Indiana

Congressman Andre Carson Speaks
at Clinton Indy Campaign Office Grand Opening
Bernie Sanders won the Wisconsin Primary tonight continuing his momentum forward in the battle for President of the United States.

The fight continues on.  Hillary Clinton had hoped to put the Sanders campaign away by now, but it appears that this is going to be another one that comes down to the wire.

The math is pretty simple.  Clinton is nearing the delegate total she needs, but the results are turning towards Sanders.  It's Clinton that remains in the catbird seat, but her grasp on the title of frontrunner is loosening.

That brings us to Indiana on May 3.  There are probably a few Clinton wins on tap between now and then.  Depending on what happens in Wyoming, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland, this state could be in a position to close out Sanders or to keep his campaign alive.

Last week, Sanders opened a campaign office in Broad Ripple.

If Clinton's campaign is in trouble, it didn't seem like it as a who's who of Central Indiana Democratic politics showed up to open her Indianapolis campaign office.

On the program, Indiana Recycling Coalition Executive Director Carey Hamilton spoke along with Cordelia Lewis-Burks, the longtime Vice-Chair of the Indiana Democratic Party, and Congressman Andre Carson left the crowd in a raucous mood.  Carson said he recently had breakfast with Sanders in Alabama and that he had a great respect for him as a legislator, but he said that when he thinks of a President, he thinks of a person with the breadth of experience of Hillary Clinton.  He also urged the crowd to make history again in 2016 by electing the first female President after electing the first African-American President in 2008.

Expect the candidates on both sides of the aisle to start making statewide appearances in the next few weeks.

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