Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Old "No Mean City" Slogan Getting Shot All To Pieces After Bloody Indy Weekend

12 shot, 6 dead.

All spread out across the City of Indianapolis over some 60 hours this past weekend.

Had some person walked into some non-descript office building and shot 12 of his or her former co-workers, we would have led NBC Nightly News and every other news show.

As it stands, it's just another weekend in Indianapolis. One that should give us pause.

Add in a horribly mutilated body found in White River, and it was an extremely violent spring weekend in our city. We haven't even gotten to summer yet. 

Our "No Mean City" is mean, and it seems to only get meaner.

We changed Mayors.  We changed Councils.  We knew that wouldn't fix the problem in itself.  For the vast majority of us, maybe we can write it off as just sensational headlines about parts of the city we'll never be in, but it's been harder to keep the headlines away.

The quiet of a Camby evening at a strip mall was recently rocked when a man allegedly shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself.    

Are we just beyond help in Indianapolis?  We all know that our General Assembly won't make it harder to get guns here.  Yes, I know that's not the entire issue.  I don't want to restrict guns for law-abiding citizens, but how can we keep them out of the hands of those who aren't law-abiding or shouldn't have them?

As a community, we have to look in the mirror.  Senator Joe Donnelly has been engaged in this battle at the federal level as has Andre Carson, Susan Brooks, and others.  I know Mayor Joe Hogsett, IMPD Chief Troy Riggs, and the City-County Council want to solve this issue as well.

Hogsett and Riggs are implementing fundamental changes in how IMPD patrols...going back to the old beat system.  Community policing.  Those reforms are going to take time to see if they actually cut into the problem, and I make it clear that these tactics won't solve the issue.  Only people can solve this problem together.

Every time a gun fires in anger, it's preventable.  Every time.  We have to focus on solutions to get people to stop shooting at each other.  If you know how to do that, let me know, but I think it starts early with education. 

One way or another, we have ourselves a crisis, and it's only getting worse.  To solve it, we had better be ready to throw everything reasonable at it.

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