Monday, April 25, 2016

Libertarians Nominate Ticket for 2016

Rex Bell
The Libertarian Party of Indiana met at the Wyndham Hotel on Indy's Westside this past weekend and nominated their candidates for Governor of Indiana and Lt. Governor as well as candidates for federal office.

2012 GOP gubernatorial candidate Jim Wallace lost to fellow businessman Rex Bell for the nomination.  IT Consultant Karl Tatgenhorst received the nomination for Lieutenant Governor.  Tatgenhorst ran a strong campaign for Secretary of State in 2014 and, full disclosure, is a good friend on Facebook.

According to his campaign website, Bell was born in Millville, Indiana, and has owned Bell Contracting since its founding in 1974.  His campaign is based in Hagerstown, Indiana.

Other key LPIN nominations:
Lucy Brenton will run against Baron Hill and what's left of either Todd Young or Marlin Stutzman for Senate.

Donna Dunn will take on Democrat Pete Visclosky in U.S. Congressional District 1.  So far Republicans have yet to name a nominee in this race.  Is Mark Leyva available again?

Steve Mayoras will be the Libertarian candidate for Congress in District 4.  That seat, of course, is currently held by Todd Rokita.  John Dale is the likely Democratic nominee.

In District 6, Richard Turvey is the Libertarian candidate.  Current incumbent there is Luke Messer.  Five Democrats are in the race for the nomination, so it's anyone's game on that side.

Indianapolis and District 7 will have a Libertarian choice in Drew Thompson.  Congressman Andre Carson should win over his primary opponents on May 3 and face the "yard sign king" J.D. Miniear, the "yard sign queen" Cat Ping, or Wayne "Gunny" Harmon.

For the 9,384th time, Andy Horning will carry the Libertarian banner (but who's counting...I'm kidding, Andy).  This time it's again into the 8th District race against likely Democratic nominee David Orentlicher and incumbent Republican Larry Bucschon.

And, in the 9th Congressional District, Russell Brooksbank will be the Libertarian nominee when he'll likely face Democrat Shelli Yoder and the survivor of the Republican Primary between "Tennesee Trey" Hollingsworth, Greg Zoeller, Erin Houchin, Brent Waltz, and Robert Hall.


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Thank you so much for the kind words about our candidates this year! Will be checking out your blog more often :)

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