Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hollingsworth Must Be Defeated for Good of Democracy

Kelly and Trey Hollingsworth
The United States Constitution has very thin residency and other requirements for being a United States Congressman.
  • Be 25 years old
  • Be a U.S. citizen for seven years
  • Be an inhabitant of the state they represent
There's nothing there that says I even have to be a registered voter.  There's nothing there that says that former felons can't be Congresspeople.  These are three simple requirements.

It also means that I could run from Indianapolis against Pete Visclosky in the Region and not only legally represent that district but continue to represent it from my home in Indianapolis.  

Of course, I am not running against Visclosky nor would I ever think of running against him.  Congressman Visclosky is well-liked in his district, and he lives there.  He knows the folks that send him back to Congress.  They are his constituents.  He's won that race with shoe leather on the ground.  He has been to all the local dives shaking hands, and I'm sure he's eaten a few elephant ears at county fairs, attended a few chili suppers, and spoken to many church congregations.  I wouldn't know where to begin.

In 2014, Erin Magee was running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District from his home in Tennessee.  He made no bones about it.  He said if he was elected to Congress that he would move to Indiana to serve his district, and, again, there's nothing in the Constitution to say he was wrong in his approach.

Magee was never going to defeat Congressman Andre Carson.  In the end, the GOP in the 7th District made sure that Magee didn't even have to think about moving.  He finished last in the primary race won by Catherine "Cat" Ping.  Magee at least was honest about his intentions and didn't attempt to deceive anyone.  If you were informed, you knew he was the guy from Tennessee trying to win a Congressional seat in Indiana.

Here we are in 2016.  As you well know, 9th District Congressman Todd Young is running for Senate.  Three well-known Indiana politicians threw their hats in the ring and another longtime resident of the ninth said he'd give it a go.

Enter Trey Hollingsworth...a man the blogosphere has been on to for weeks but the mainstream media is just now getting around to exposing.

It appears that until very recently, Hollingsworth had a lot in common with Erin Magee.  They both lived in Tennessee.  Hollingsworth, who rents a Jeffersonville apartment, only registered to vote in Indiana in October.  

Hollingsworth sat down with the Indianapolis Star's Matt Tully last month, so we can assume he is a real person.  He wouldn't apparently agree to sit down with Roll Call, a national publication, that has raised serious questions about his motivation for moving to Indiana and running in the 9th Congressional District race.

You see, Hollingsworth is a man of means, and it appears that instead of doing the traditional kind of shoe leather campaign that he's waging an all out air assault against former frontrunner Greg Zoeller.  As political zen master Brian Howey puts it, the "carpetbagger" believes he can "buy an Indiana Congressional seat."  He calls it "Exhibit B" in the landmark Citizens United Supreme Court case which opened the doors for Super PACs to silently work their magic in American politics.

Listen, I'm all for a good Republican Civil War just like I'm sure the GOP was happy about five Democrats walking out of Monday night's City-County Council meeting in protest.  I'm sure that Shelli Yoder would love the chance to run against a guy that very well may be a Hollywood actor playing the part of a Congressional candidate for all we know. Ok, it's probably a stretch, but is it really that much of one?  It would make for one heck of a movie.

For democracy's sake, Trey Hollingsworth needs to be turned back by someone to show that Congressional seats need to be earned and not bought and paid for.  I hope that happens in November when Shelli Yoder is going to Congress, but I won't cry if it happens May 3, either.

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