Monday, April 18, 2016

Gregg Previews General Election Platform; Outraises Pence

John Gregg Talks to Indiana Retired Teachers
Association Members
photo by Gregg Campaign
On Friday, reports came out showing John Gregg had outraised incumbent Mike Pence in the race for Indiana Governor.

Gregg showed raising $1.9 million in the first quarter of 2016.  Pence clocked in at $1.5 million, but that would have been a paltry $1 million without a last-second check from the Republican Governors Association for $500,000.

While some have pooh poohed this latest revelation.  It's significant for Gregg.  This is not the first time he has outraised his Republican opponent in this race.  Gregg still trails in overall campaign cash, but the $5.1 million cash on hand to Pence's $7.7 million means that both men have the kind of money to run a strong statewide campaign.

The message Gregg will carry forth will be strong.  I saw Gregg's excellent stump speech on Thursday as he addressed some of the members of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association.

Gregg took what's best about his personality, his homespun Indiana humor, and toned that down.  He laid out the numbers and plainly said that to win this 2016 election, he's going to have to get moderate Republicans and independents to vote his way.

As a part of his 2016 platform, Gregg said he's going to focus on bringing living wage jobs to Indiana as well as focus in on job retraining for those who have lost their jobs.

In education, Gregg said we need less testing and more focus on what the teaching practitioners say in the classroom.  He says we need to end making decisions at a state level without listening to those who are in the classroom each day.  He also pointed out that when Governor Orr proposed ISTEP all those years ago, he voted against it as a freshman legislator.

Gregg tied together drug abuse and mental health issues as causes of crime across the Hoosier State.  He noted that the penal system in Indiana has become a large mental health provider for those that have never had treatment.  Instead of jailing people with clear issues, Gregg suggests helping them with those issues before they become problems to themselves or society.

Finally, Gregg said he's a proponent of ending discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Hoosiers.  He also said that while he is pro-life that it's not up to "middle-aged guys at the Statehouse" to tell a woman what's best for her or her body.

It was a very different, more disciplined John Gregg than the one I have seen on the past on the stump.  This John Gregg looks even more gubernatorial than version 2012, and his message was very well-received by the retired teachers.

It's a long way to November, but Governor John Gregg is starting to look like more than just a possibility.

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