Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Clinton's Breadth of Experience, Toughness, Vision Earn Endorsement

Hillary Clinton
When Hillary Clinton sat down at the politically-motivated Benghazi hearings late last year, I watched intently.

I wanted to see what she would do and how she would answer the tough questions that no doubt would come her way. Most of all, in that moment, I wanted to see if Hillary Clinton acted like a President.

As the testimony went on and as the questions flew, Hillary Clinton had one of her finest hours in public life.  She managed to turn a potentially negative moment to her campaign into a positive that showed the temperament to be Commander-in-Chief.

In every way, I was satisfied that she would make a great President under pressure. It was that moment that I decided that while Bernie Sanders says many great things Democrats should fight for and agree with that it’s Hillary Clinton I want to lead my nation into an uncertain future.

As she stood on that stage in New York celebrating winning the New York primary, Clinton asked us to imagine a very different future in America.  "There's nothing that's wrong with America that can't be fixed by what's right in America," she said.  If anyone knows both sides of that, it's Hillary Clinton.

No one in politics has dealt with the kinds of unfair and unsubstantiated attacks for as long as Clinton has, and, through it all, she’s still standing, and, with apologies to Elton John, better than she ever did.

It's that fact.  The survivor that Hillary Clinton is that qualifies her and makes her the best choice for President than any other choice out there on either side.  No one knows what it's like to get knocked down and get back up like her because few have suffered the kinds of attacks she's been politically hit with for as long as she has.

While Senator Sanders has a long and distinguished electoral history as a Mayor, U.S. Representative, and U.S. Senator, even he cannot match the breadth of experience Secretary Clinton has. 

Besides her work as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was the first and only First Lady to have an office in the West Wing. She laid the groundwork for the landmark Affordable Care Act. Clinton is the only First Lady to have served in elective office as a U.S. Senator. She’s also lived in the Midwest and the Deep South. She’s the only candidate to serve as the First Lady of an economically-disadvantaged Southern state.

I like what Hillary says about education.  I like that she wants to invest in early childhood education.  She's always been a proponent of these types of initiatives.  Remember her saying, "It takes a village to raise a child."  It does.  Clinton has long been a proponent of putting teachers back in the classroom and has spoken out on testing but also believes in accountability for schools.

She’s not perfect, but she helped to rebuild this country’s standing in the world after the disasters of the Bush Administration. She worked in the Senate to help rebuild lower Manhattan after the terror attacks destroyed the Twin Towers and left other buildings in ruin. Clinton was a member of the Obama Administration that killed Osama bin Laden, brought Iran to the table, and has worked to thaw relationships with Cuba.

For her entire career, Hillary Clinton has stood up for women's rights and human rights.  Her landmark speech about women's rights in China inspired many to the cause.  

After her loss to Obama in the 2008 Primary season, Clinton unified the party. Later that same year, she agreed to once again put her own ambitions behind and serve her country in the Obama Administration. They became close friends.

If you’re supporting Bernie Sanders, it may be true that Hillary Clinton is not be your candidate right now. I would hope that whatever candidate wins this race between the two will gain your support. If Bernie wins the nomination, he has mine. Like Hillary who would be the first female elected President, electing Bernie would make history. Sanders would be the first Jewish President in 228 years. As Democrats, we do big things.

I just believe now, at this time, we need someone like Hillary Clinton. Clinton is someone who is progressive enough to see where we need to be in the future, but who is pragmatic enough to get us there. I enthusiastically endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.


Anonymous said...

OMGosh. I laughed and laughed and laughed when I saw the Indy Democrat Blog sidebar list.

Brother, I can see you are still on the pipe!

Hillary Rodham Clinton has a "breadth of experience, toughness, and vision?" Christ, are you effin' kidding us?!?

This pathological liar, this parasite on the American taxpayer, this uber-1%er who grafts millions for her political money laundering "Clinton Initiate" scheme from despots around the globe who kill gays, rape females and sexually mutilate young women, an old gal who herself will not pay females on her staff the equal to what she pays males, is married to a pervie far worse than even Bill Cosby...Oh God, the list just goes on and on against her. The blood of Benghazi drips from her wrinkled, rich bent fingers. The old mare has no record other than longevity against all odds and against many of the very same laws we little people are forced to obey.

johnnystir said...

Sooo...I'm guessing you're not a Clinton voter.

Anita Wylie said...

Lovely tribute to Hillary. Now, let's get real. Only Bernie can trump Trump! The DNC needs to give up the ghost of Hillary and accept that the country, the world, want Bernie Sanders in the White House.