Friday, April 15, 2016

Ads May Be Telling in Primary Race for GOP Senate Nod

I don't know if any public polling has come out about the GOP's race for U.S. Senate, but you can maybe tell a few things by the ads the campaigns are running against each other.

Let's begin with Todd Young's ad.  It's largely straightforward in its approach in attempting to paint Young as a conservative.

Now, we move to Marlin Stutzman.  A new ad just released to his YouTube channel takes a very dark, odd, and negative turn.

It's much different than the God, guns, and the American farmer ads he's tried to use earlier in the campaign. This ad is a little strange, but it hits very hard on Young's record.

Thus, I have to conclude Todd Young is leading and Marlin Stutzman is behind.  I could be wrong, and this one might be close.  We'll see how this one continues to go.

Democrat Baron Hill waits for the winner of this GOP squabble.

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Anonymous said...

looks like the same ad to me...