Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Suprisingly Dems Have No Opponent for Behning

Rep. Bob Behning
So far, Republican House Education Chair Bob Behning is getting a free ride to November if he beats his primary opposition.

Behning, who has drawn the ire of public school teachers and administrators across Indiana, currently has no general election opponent.  Surprising considering that he comes with a built-in constituency strongly opposing him.

And, before you blame me, the Democrats never asked.  If they did, I likely would have said no because I just went through a long election season.  I will be willing to help anyone who runs.

Also, I suppose I should add, full disclosure, I did nominate him for the Alumni Wall at Ben Davis due to his status as a State Representative.

Times have changed, though...a lot.

This is the man who has carried water for ALEC, Mitch Daniels, Tony Bennett, and now, Mike Pence when it comes to public education.  Every cockamamie scheme to come down the Wabash to stick it to public education, he's tried. From expanding charter schools to then hobbling their funding by expanding vouchers...it all has this man's fingerprints.  The ISTEP failures and everything else that's passed through the legislature has gone through his committee.

At the legislative level, it's Bob Behning.

House District 91
Courtesy of Ballotpedia
Republicans have a choice.  Marion County Deputy Sheriff Jim Grimes is running against Behning.  We've seen this movie before.  Republicans will rail against Behning and tell you how they don't like him and then give him 60 percent of the vote in the primary.  We can't count on them to knock off Behning.

Nope, it has to be someone out there.  Someone like you.  Are you a teacher that lives in House District 91 that's fed up?  Are you a Democrat that's rarin' mad about what the Republicans have done to our schools? It's too late to file for the primary, but there will be a chance to fill open ballot slots prior to June 30. Don't give Behning a "hall pass" back to the legislature in November.  It's a Presidential Election year and when teachers get mad enough, we can do a lot.

Just ask Bennett.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In early versions of this post, I referred to Mr. Behning as "public enemy number one to public education and teachers".  In retrospect, this language was harsh and inappropriate and out of character for the kind of blog I've tried to build.

I don't feel that way at all about Representative Behning with whom I share a cordial relationship.  While he is wrong on education policy, he is a good man.  In my efforts to be creative, I went too far, and I apologize to him.

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Anonymous said...

Bob Behning is there to carry the water for those you've mentioned. That's his entire reason for being--raison d'tre! He gets to play the role as a productive representative for doing nothing more than going along to get along. He's been in his seat for far too long. He's lazy and complacent, and I would argue he's been that way from day one.

The citizens of the district share in this. The mindset of this district is one of complacency and misplaced expectations. All one needs to have is the following obligatory prerequisites to appeal to the voters of this district; Be white,male and have a stern belief of Sky-Daddy and his zombie son and you (The Rep) can do no wrong. This is a district that is scared of any change at all. Even if that change would be advantageous to its residents. It's worth mentioning these backwards attitudes within the district encompass disparate income groups as well. I think a lot of resistance to productive thinking and attitudes has a lot to do with our current fixation with identity politics from both tribes (R&D).

If you've ever received mailings from Behning,those mailings are very much useless and vapid. Just like the candidate himself. He enjoys letting the heavyweights carry the water as he rides their coattails and accepts the credit for their efforts.

Speaking of charter schools. Charter schools genuinely means your elected representative has totally discarded the idea of investing funds/ideas into the community's public schools and to allow those funds to be diverted to these institutions to/for the benefit of political donors. It's the actual giving of the finger to the district's voters whilst accepting invitations from monied donors to attend their cocktail parties and pass legislation designed to line their bank accounts.....And to do it with public funds. While the donors receive the profits. Sound familiar?