Sunday, March 6, 2016

In Memoriam: Nancy Reagan (1921-2016)

Nancy Reagan
One of the greatest love stories of the 20th and 21st Century got a final chapter today as Nancy Reagan passed away joining her beloved Ronnie in the afterlife.

Reagan brought glitz and glamour back to the White House and was not without her critics or her controversies.  The fashionable First Lady also fought and beat breast cancer and became the devoted caregiver to former President Ronald Reagan as his health failed with Alzheimer's Disease.

In many ways, it's the final chapter of Nancy's life that rewrote how many felt about her.  No one ever doubted her love and deep affection for Ronald, but the way she became his protector and defender of his legacy over those last years was more than worthy of a few accolades.

Nancy was one of the forces behind Ronald Reagan.  In the way that Claire Underwood often drives her husband in the fictional world of House of Cards, Nancy pushed Ronald forward as well.  They made each other stronger.

During her time in the White House and, before that, in the California Governor's Mansion Nancy had made headlines for feuds with her children and stepchildren.  It appears most of that has been reconciled, at least publicly, and that is a tribute as well to Reagan.

Nancy Reagan will be long remembered for her style, her class, and her elegance.  She should also be remembered as a driving force behind one of the great power couples of political history.

Nancy Reagan was 94 years old.

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