Sunday, February 7, 2016

Webster To Battle Young in Senate District 35

Senate District 35
Senator Mike Young has an opponent who's ready to go all nine innings in this race.

Former Decatur Central Head Baseball Coach and teacher Phil Webster has thrown his cap in the ring to take on the longtime Senator.  Webster has tremendous name recognition throughout the district and is extremely well-known for leading the Decatur Central Hawks to the 2008 IHSAA Class 4A State Championship in baseball.

Young, who I like to call the GOP's spaghetti candidate (throw the crazy bill up on the wall and see if it sticks), was first elected in 1986 to office.  By that point, Webster had already been shaping young minds for years.

Bravo to Webster for stepping up and deciding to run.  We need more teachers in the legislature, and, with hard work, it's possible we could get a Hall of Fame baseball coach in there, too.

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