Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sources: Fletcher Pulls Candidacy for District 97

Indy Democrat sources are saying that just as quickly as he entered the race against Justin Moed that Perry Township Board member Jason Fletcher has withdrawn his candidacy against the popular State Representative in District 97.

We'll stay tuned to find out what happened at pre-primary convention today for the Democrats.

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jamel95 said...

It was a big mystery on both ends as was the Ehret candidacy. A well attended event (big joke of the day - when I pulled up and saw all the cars I thought I was at the wrong place! told many times over). The electronic voting machines were really nice, easy to use and give a paper trail. State House races will be important this year. Congratulations on Jesse Kharbanda in Senate 36. If we can turn out voters like we turned out yesterday we can win races.